This Month It’s All About Safety 🚩

Each MORE HEALTH presentation starts by telling students we are there to help them be Safe, Healthy, and Strong. Our mission is to provide health and safety education to children, teens, and adults. In 1996, the National Safety Council established June as National Safety Month to bring extra attention to eliminating leading causes of preventable death and injury in the workplace, at home, on the road, and throughout our communities. MORE HEALTH recognizes every month as National Safety Month!

Safety and First Aid
MORE HEALTH partners with Tampa General Hospital and offers the SuperSitters course. This popular babysitting class is educational and fun, focusing on safety and first aid. Participants receive CPR training for infants and children. Please find more information and registration information here: MORE HEALTH, Inc.

During the school year one of our most popular lessons is the two-day, 4th grade, Safety & First Aid “SAFE Team” presentation. Students learn basic first aid skills for severe bleeds, fractures, choking, and burns. We are thankful to sponsors like the LV Thompson Family Foundation that support our mission and help us reach more children in our schools.

In honor of the month, look for community training programs and workshops that focus on safety, find a local CPR training class, and look around your home and office to identify and remedy any safety concerns you may have.

Roadway Safety
Summer travel can be fun and full of adventure. However, during these months, Florida roads can be some of the busiest in the country. To ensure your summer travels are safe and enjoyable, practice safe driving, prepare your vehicle, be mindful of weather conditions, and get equipped for emergencies. Driving through our state can be as fun as arriving at your destination. Slow down, enjoy the time together, stop and stretch your legs and enjoy a packed lunch, take in the scenery, and most importantly, strive to Arrive Alive.

Summertime Safety
As we approach more outdoor activities and family vacations, distinctive risks can affect our health and safety. To ensure a fun and safe summer, follow these safety tips:

  • When outdoors, use sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and seek the shade
  • Supervise swimming activities, take swim lessons, use lifejackets, follow water rules, and prepare for strong currents and rip-tides
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself, children, and pets hydrated
  • Recognize the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and seek immediate medical attention when necessary
  • Protect yourself from insects, ticks, snakes, and poisonous plants with repellant and appropriate clothing
  • Cook food properly and avoid leaving food out in the sun for an extended time
  • Check weather conditions before heading outside and prepare for severe storms

By following these safety tips, you can enjoy the fun, relaxation, and experiences we associate with the summer months. We want everyone to be proactive with safety and make it a continuous priority, not just for one month of the year. If we all focus on safety, we can minimize the risks and reduce the number of preventable accidents and injuries.

MORE HEALTH in the Classroom

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