September 2018 Newsletter – Safety Awareness For You

September 2018 Newsletter - Safety Awareness For You

At MORE HEALTH we believe in the importance of educating kids about basic safety and first aid at an early age. Empowering students with age-appropriate knowledge and skills can make a difference in an emergency situation. MORE HEALTH’s Safety and First Aid “S.A.F.E.” Team Lesson teaches fourth graders how to A.C.T. in an emergency: Assess the scene, Call 911, and Treat the victim. Mock emergency situations are utilized, including proper response to bleeding, fractures, burns, choking, and sprains. Students also practice communication skills involving the pertinent information which must be conveyed when discussing the situation with a 911 dispatcher.

Assess the scene. Teach your children to:

Determine what has happened
Decide whether it is safe to approach the victim
Look around to see if anyone can assist

Call 911. Children should know this:

Communicate to the dispatcher that there is an emergency taking place
Report “who, what, where, when, and how many”
Never hang up until the operator says to do so
Inform the people at the scene that help is on the way

Treat the victim. While skills to treat the victim should be learned during a safety and first aid class, do reinforce proper injury prevention tips.

Be careful with tools, scissors, and knives
Never run with sharp objects
Do not go barefoot
Never touch a firearm
Never utilize power tools without adult supervision
Take small bites of food, and chew it slowly and thoroughly
Stay away from electrical cords and outlets

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