September 2018 Newsletter – Employee Spotlight

September 2018 Newsletter - Employee Spotlight - Laci Stokes

This month we recognize Laci Stokes, MORE HEALTH’s Programs & Events Coordinator. Laci joined MORE HEALTH exactly ten years ago this month! It was through our Operations Manager, Carlene Lemaster, that Laci learned about MORE HEALTH and our mission of providing health and safety education to children, teens, and adults.

While she loves all MORE HEALTH lessons, Laci’s favorite would be the Bones 2: Bones & Osteoporosis Education “The Bone Zone” Lesson for second graders. “For the first three and a half years at MORE HEALTH, I was an instructor teaching the Bones 2 lesson. I think I still sing, ‘I broke my Bo Wo Wones in Louisiana’ in my sleep,” remembers Laci.

“My favorite part of working at MORE HEALTH, though, is when we receive telephone calls from parents, administrators, teachers, or deputies/officers regarding how our lessons helped save a life! These conversations mean so much to us and remind us that prevention education is vitally important. It gives me great joy to know that we are touching approximately 210,000 lives annually, and teaching students to be healthy, safe, and strong!”

Many people do not know that Laci travels over two hours per day to MORE HEALTH from her home in Pasco County. People often ask her why she doesn’t find employment closer to home. Her answer, “I am home. I believe in what we teach. I believe we are making a difference in the lives of students. And I love my colleagues. My dream, over the last ten years, was to introduce our lessons into Pasco County. Now it’s happening. We are making our way into Pasco schools! I am thrilled that my children will be able to experience MORE HEALTH’s fun and innovative health and safety education lessons!”

When not working alongside her MORE HEALTH family, Laci can be found spending time with her husband and children, ages four and six. Faith and family are her top priorities. You will find her at church, the soccer field, in the swimming pool, or hanging out at the family farm. With what little time in the day remains, Laci enjoys Pinterest and feeding her foodie interests!