As spring approaches and temperatures begin to rise, it’s a sure bet that we will be spending more time outdoors, as pedestrians, with our families. While out and about, however, it is important to review these basic pedestrian safety guidelines provided by Florida Safe Routes to School.

Choose the safest place to walk:

  • The safest place to walk is on the sidewalk.
  • If a sidewalk is unavailable, walk on the side of the road facing traffic. In other words, go against the flow of traffic.
  • If walking on the side of the road, walk as far from the edge as possible.
  • Choose routes that provide space to walk and have the least amount of traffic and lowest speeds.

Choose the safest place to cross a street and understand how to cross safely:

  • A crosswalk or intersection with a walk signal is the safest place to cross the street.
  • Look for traffic at all driveways and intersections.
  • Before crossing the street always look left, right, left, to the front and behind. At an intersection, it is important to look in front and in back to check for turning vehicles. The second look to the left is to re-check for traffic that is closest to you.
  • Wait until no traffic is coming and start crossing, and keep looking for traffic as you cross the road.
  • Always walk across the road. Do not hop, skip, or run.
  • Do not cross the street between parked cars. Oncoming vehicles cannot see you.

Make it a priority to practice these healthy habits:

  • Wear reflective clothing/gear and carry a flashlight if it is dark or conditions limit visibility.
  • Obey all road signs and traffic signals.
  • Protect your skin from the sun when outdoors. Watch our Healthy & Sun Smart mini lesson.
  • Exercise driveway safety. Watch our Driveway Safety mini lesson.