January 2018 Newsletter – Teacher Spotlight

January 2018 Newsletter - Teacher Spotlight

We are pleased to kick off the new year by highlighting Mauri Arnold, one of our very favorite instructors. Mauri joined MORE HEALTH in 2013 after being a stay-at-home mother for sixteen years. While volunteering at Wilson Middle School, she met a MORE HEALTH instructor who shared our mission and encouraged her to submit a resume. MORE HEALTH sounded like a perfect fit given Mauri’s background in elementary education and passion for children and healthy living. For Mauri, it was a dream job come true!

Mauri’s favorite lesson is Firearm Safety. “This lesson gives the children the knowledge they need to be safe if they ever see a firearm. In fact, I often have children come up to me after the lesson thanking me for teaching them about firearm safety.” Certainly Mauri believes that MORE HEALTH is appreciated in the community. “One time after I finished teaching my kindergarten Five Senses lesson, a sweet boy raised his hand and asked if he could take me home with him to meet his parents. I am so thankful to have a job that allows me to make an impact on young lives!”

While three lovely daughters, tennis and reading fill Mauri’s spare time, we are so fortunate that she chooses to spend the rest of her time making a positive difference through MORE HEALTH