January 2018 Newsletter – Safety Awareness For You

January 2018 Newsletter - Safety Awareness For You

In 2016, 3,450 people were killed because of distracted driving. Currently 47 states ban texting while driving a vehicle, and 15 states ban the use of handheld mobile phones while driving. Sadly, Consumer Reports “The Dangers of Driving While Distracted” determined that drivers were willing to continue texting while driving even while agreeing in surveys that law enforcement should enforce texting restrictions. In addition to the use of cell phones, music, food, and the number of people in an automobile pose real distractions that can lead to trauma on our roads and highways. We at MORE HEALTH believe that education is the key to encouraging teens to focus on the road!

In MORE HEALTH’s Trauma Education – “Trauma is No Accident” lesson, high school students learn via interactive games how simple tasks coupled with driving become complex and dangerous. Many thanks to the Allstate Foundation, Jeeves Law Group and Hillsborough County Public Schools for making it possible for us to teach this very important lesson in our Tampa Bay communities.