International Walk to School Day is scheduled for October 10th!

Did you know that the state of Florida leads the nation in the deadliest roadways? Do your family members know how to navigate our roadways as safe pedestrians or bicyclists? We encourage the following safety steps:

  • Always stop, look, and listen before crossing the street. Make eye contact with the driver to make sure that he or she is paying attention. Drivers are often distracted by electronic devices.
  • When crossing in front of a bus, always cross at least 10 steps in front of the bus so that the driver can see you.
  • If walking either in the evening or after dark, remember that children should walk with an adult and that everyone should wear brightly-colored clothing, and utilize a flashlight.
  • Refrain from distracted walking. Put electronic devices away, keep your head up, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Never wear earbuds while on wheels.
  • When biking at night, it is the law to have a light installed on the front and back of your bicycle – white in front and red in back.
  • Always ride a bicycle with the flow of traffic and walk against the flow of traffic.
  • All kids under the age of 16 must wear a helmet when riding a bike – it is the law. Additionally, helmets should be worn while riding a scooter, roller blades, skate boards, etc. Call MORE HEALTH about receiving a complimentary helmet today at 813-287-5032.