Zero Tolerance – Do You Know What it Means?

Hillsborough County and Pinellas County schools describe offenses as possession, use or sale or conveyance into a school campus of any firearm, weapon, or illegal drug. Secondly, offenses also include possession, use, or sale of any explosive device. This includes bullets.

The Hillsborough and Pinellas school districts have a Zero Tolerance Policy for students who have committed offenses like these. If these offenses occur on school property, while traveling by school transportation, or during a school-sponsored activity, it will not be tolerated — Zero Tolerance! If any student breaks these laws, the student will be brought before the school board for expulsion or change of placement. There are no second chances.

In order to reduce the risk of danger to our community, adults should keep the following in mind when it comes to firearm safety:

  • Ask if firearms are locked away and unloaded where your children visit or play.
  • Store unloaded firearms and keep them up and away from children. Hiding the weapon is NOT enough! Store and lock the ammunition separately from the firearm, keeping the key(s) to the locked firearm and ammunition out of reach.
  • Call your local law enforcement office to inquire about proper disposal of a firearm if needed.

For over 20 years, MORE HEALTH has provided Firearm Safety education, with the support of local law enforcement, in our Tampa Bay community. We look forward to providing students with this vital safety information for years to come!