Many people think of February as the month of Love 💘. National Donor Day has been celebrated every year on February 14 since 1998 with the mission of educating and spreading awareness about lifesaving donations. Can you think of a better gesture of LOVE than giving or receiving an Organ donation? National Donor Day is a perfect time to spotlight the many types of donations: organ, tissue, eye, blood, platelets, and marrow. On this day, we can also celebrate those that have given and received the gift of life and those that are currently waiting for this lifesaving gift.

Interesting Facts about Donation

  • More than 100,000 Americans are waiting for lifesaving organ transplants
  • Every 9 minutes someone is added to the national transplant waiting list
  • 85% of people on the national waiting list need a kidney
  • One organ donor can save up to 8 lives
  • One cornea donor can restore sight to 2 people
  • One tissue donor can restore health to more than 70 people

Ways to Observe National Donor Day:

  • Sign up for blood donation or sponsor a blood drive
  • Register as an organ donor at
  • Discuss your donation preferences with family and loved ones
  • Share your story if you have received the gift of donation

MORE HEALTH in the Classroom

In MORE HEALTH’s high school lesson Live Life, Give Life, students learn about the body’s five vital organs, their functions, and how disease and abuse can lead to organ failure. They explore the many types of donations, the misconceptions surrounding this topic, and how to pursue additional information as needed. We are very thankful to our longtime sponsor LifeLink and encourage you to find out more about this lifesaving organization at

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