April 2018 Newsletter – Board Member Spotlight

Board Mmeber Spotlight - Cindy Rose

This month we are excited to recognize MORE HEALTH Board of Directors President, Cindy Rose. As is the case with many of our passionate supporters, Cindy first learned about MORE HEALTH from Karen Buckenheimer’s enthusiastic explanation of our mission to provide health and safety education to children, teens, and adults. At the time there was a perfect opportunity and fit to partner with All Children’s Hospital.

As Cindy makes clear, “It is a very important role that MORE HEALTH plays in schools and providing a fresh perspective. MORE HEALTH truly provides students the health information they can use. MORE HEALTH also gives teachers positive access to curriculum and to educators who know their topics well.” To top it off, Cindy believes that MORE HEALTH makes learning fun. As a word of encouragement, “Take every opportunity to learn. Education is so valuable and will take you places that you may only dream of.” To this end and from a purely enjoyment standpoint, Cindy favors the Bones 1 lesson. The Bo Wo Wones song and activities are fun! From a messaging point of view, MORE HEALTH’s Firearm Safety lessons “provide an invaluable service to our schools and community, especially in light of the terrible tragedies that have occurred.”

With regards to short term goals, Cindy is pleased with MORE HEALTH’s expansion into adjacent counties in the Tampa Bay area. Serving the role of health education provider to schools is key. Long term her hope is that, “We can look to have a collaborative that would fund MORE HEALTH. MORE HEALTH serves an important role with our hospital sponsors, and it is an important link between schools, teachers, and our community at large. I know it sounds a bit like utopia, but I really believe that a collaborative would be best for all stakeholders.”

When Cindy is not leading us in our mission to bring health and safety education to our communities, she spends her free time with Gracie, her labradoodle. In fact, Gracie is in the process of learning too … training to become a therapy dog! Reading, cooking, and personal fitness are also favorite past times. But as Cindy reminds us, “It’s always a balance!” Thank you Cindy for finding a spot in your life to make a positive difference with MORE HEALTH!