A statement released in August by the American Heart Association says that smartphones, tablets, televisions and other screen-based devices are making kids more sedentary – and sedentary behavior is linked to being overweight and obesity in young people. Excess weight in young people often correlates to health concerns in adulthood. The American Heart Association, though, reminds us that we are never too young or too old to take care of our hearts and our health! Embracing a healthy lifestyle and establishing good habits at an early age go a long way toward avoiding heart disease and other illnesses over the course of a lifetime. Ideal heart health for kids focuses on: daily exercise, no tobacco use, a healthy weight, a healthy diet score and normal blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood sugar.

Resolve to prevent heart disease in your family today!

  • Choose healthy, nutritious foods – heart-healthy foods are low in saturated and trans fats, and lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish.
  • Do not smoke – Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, and tobacco damages the lungs, and the heart, by making it difficult to breathe. Know that smoking a hookah is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes.
  • Exercise and maintain a healthy weight – For children, the American Heart Association recommends at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous intensity aerobic activity every day.
  • Limit kids’ screen time as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Keep stress in check.

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