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The creative staff at MORE HEALTH is available to develop health and injury prevention lessons for businesses, nonprofit organizations, associations, school districts, government agencies, etc. The process of developing a lesson involves multiple steps and the client is included in every step along the way.
Step 1: The curriculum team works closely with the client to determine the target age group and the desired learning outcomes from the lesson. Appropriate health education standards are identified and research for the lesson begins.

Step 2: MORE HEALTH lessons are scientifically and medically accurate utilizing the expertise of health and medical professionals during the planning phase of lesson development.

Step 3: When the research is complete, an outline of the curriculum is developed and submitted to the client for approval.

Step 4: Following approval of the outline, the Curriculum team at MORE HEALTH works to create the lesson script for the instructor. The Creative team meets with local artists, seamstresses, and musicians to produce props and visual aids to support the learning objectives and ensure the lesson is interactive and engaging for students. All of the visual boards and materials will include the client's logo and the MORE HEALTH logo.

Step 5: A quality review process occurs during the final phase of lesson development. After the lesson has been developed, MORE HEALTH staff will evaluate the lesson during a pilot test. An instructor delivers the lesson to the Quality Review Team. Ideas and suggestions for improvements will be verbalized to the Creative and Curriculum teams. The lesson is pilot tested until the team agrees it meets the high-quality standards of lessons developed by MORE HEALTH.

Step 6: Before the lesson is sent to final production, the client will be invited to view lesson implementation by a MORE HEALTH instructor in front of students. Ideas and suggestions for improvements will be verbalized again and incorporated into the lesson, if necessary.

Step 7: Training is the final step in lesson development. MORE HEALTH will develop a training session for client staff who will be involved with education and community outreach. An instructor manual is included with the lesson.
If you are interested in lesson development, please contact Carlene Lemaster at 813-288-0378 for a proposal.
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